Notice on making good use of machinery and equipment in summer


In order to improve the maintenance and maintenance of mechanical equipment in summer, in order to improve the reliability of equipment and prolong the service life, the following requirements are put forward in view of the high temperature of the high temperature machine in summer.

In summer, it is best to do a comprehensive maintenance and maintenance for the packaging machinery. Replace the three filters and oil to the engine, replace or adjust the tape to check the reliability of the fan, pump, generator and compressor, maintenance, maintenance or replacement when necessary. To improve the viscosity grade of the engine oil in the high temperature area, check whether the cooling system and the fuel system are smooth, and replace the aging wires, plugs and hose, check and fasten the fuel line, prevent the oil leakage, clean up the oil pollution and dust of the engine fuselage, and ensure the engine "light up", The heat dissipate well.